An impressive track record

Moreless Group is always on the lookout for new opportunities and prospects. And has achieved quite a track record in terms of projects and specific customer solutions. We would be honoured to share with you a number of our recent activities. Below are short descriptions of a few of our endeavours.

Pioneers and visionaries for pay environments

This is the first company division that was founded by Han Brussel and Paul Moreau. DA Systemen BV lies at the very foundation of this division. Established in 2002, it provided a payment solution for post offices. Later, the company was transformed into the holding that now encompasses the participation companies and activities. Bringing to the table its enormous knowledge of, and experience with the electronic payment sector, Moreless Consultancy & Services has acquired a wealth of expertise in the selection, implementation and the maintenance of payment systems for retailers and SMEs and the world of finance. Moreless is also specialised in providing support to manufacturers in the development of payment terminals for the Dutch market. From consumer to retail and real estate to government.

Wifi and App-solutions

Bluetrace is a connectivity provider with value added services like: apps, (management) reporting tools, ticket systems, landing pages and point-to-point connnections. We have customers in the field of campings and recreational parks, sports clubs, retail, real estate and industrial areas. Our expertise goes from improving service for customers to improving fan engagement for sports clubs. We do this through delivery of state of the art WiFi networks and applications.

Global payment solutions

PayPlaza is a leading global payment software company managed and driven by professionals each having over 20 years experience in the financial and payment industry. Since 2010 PayPlaza has developed a revolutionary payment platform encompassing unique solutions for Point-of-Sale card acceptance. From 2012 PayPlaza Solutions has been rolled out across Europe offering powerful advantages for our partners and clients.

Easy payment solutions

Paqar may be a relatively new name in the market, but it is built on proven experience and knowhow that spans over two decades. All software for the payment systems is developed in-house. This guarantees continuity and a rapid capacity to adapt to changing circumstances. The organisation has its own highly trained service team. Paqar can meet all specific intelligent, secure and easy payment method needs. Whether it’s a fixed, flexible or mobile device, or via iPhone or vending machine.

Money for your gift voucher is a brand of Wissel Nederland B.V. is, on one hand, meeting the needs of consumers who have unwanted gift vouchers and on the other hand giving an unique solution for consumers who want to buy gift vouchers with discount. All national gift vouchers can be redeemed at giving the webshop a diverse offer.

Advertising, loyalty & data warehousing

By recording and analysing information from direct debit receipts we worked on activities relevant to the area of advertising, loyalty schemes and data warehousing. Despite of the small chance of success Moreless showed what they stand for: to work in an innovative and distinguishing way, willing to take chances.

Card terminals

Moreless was partly responsible, both in operational terms and as a shareholder, for founding Pinlinq and bringing it to market. The involvement of Moreless was extensive. The activities focused on building a complete full-service organisation, including product policy establishment, management, order fulfilment, maintenance and administration. Today, the organisation is known in the market as Sepay. There is no longer a shareholder relationship with Sepay.

Innovative camera technology

At Moreless Group we believer that there is more to succes than only commercially attractive figures. That’s why we also invest in innovations that make the world a better place. Like the technological development at Secureview. We invested in this company to improve nightvision on camera to create a safer street environment. Together with our network we developed this lean and mean camera.

Prepaid payment products

Moreless Group joined forces with a variety of partners, including Visa and ABN AMRO, to introduce 3V in the Benelux and successfully launch products geared to both the B2C and the B2B market segments in those countries. Today, 3V is a revered name among those looking to make offline and online purchases of 3V products such as prepaid cards, credit cards, gift cards and mobile payment solutions. Moreless Group effectuated the selection and appointment of the Dutch executive board, secured contracts with crucial partners such as ABN AMRO, built a distribution network of a.o. Lekkerland and Primera (that currently counts thousands of points of sales) and devised and executed marketing activities. With an eye on international expansion, Moreless sold parts of their shares to Qmulus who will help strengthen the brand by it’s complementary activities.

The collaboration with TNO

TNO and Moreless Group collaborated on the development of the technology. Not only in the area of people power and brainpower but also financially. Together we analysed the possibilities for businesses to involve themselves in developing technology and opened up channels to those of potential interest. TNO and Moreless both made use of the international network to foster mutual product development such as Bluetrace and also to win market share in the camera and security system market with Secureview. We had a plesant collaboration which has been of great service for our expertise in product development for Moreless Group and her clients.

Hype or sustainable financing

A team of financial professionals and networkers make a difference in the complete financing of new business initiatives or giving excisting businesses an extra boost. With crowdfunding book you’ll impress investors and institutions such as banks and financially strong companies, for investing in innovative projects.

Credit card for anonymous payments

The new payment method with a credit card is presented by Pay2d. The new initiative set up in cooperation with Visa and already running. Moreless invests with money, with time and with knowledge of payment systems and market developments.

Our satisfied customers

Besides participate, we also support you with advice and deal with clients. Some of our long list of clients.