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Enterprising in equity participations and business development

Moreless Group is a cutting-edge organisation that operates successfully in the international arena. It is intelligent, inspiring and visionary. We invest our experience, financial strength and expertise in companies that strive to meet innovative objectives in the field of high-tech activities, such as payment systems, WiFi networks and business intelligence projects. We seek solutions that optimise business processes and contribute to a substantial improvement of business results. The combination of these innovative applications and international manner in which they are applied is unique. We constantly seek out (export) opportunities, we are quick and energetic. We are also exceptionally reliable, respectful and firm believers in the power of cooperation. These principles serve as the foundation for our work to help our clients move forward. Nationally and internationally! Our advice and expertise, our experience, organisational savvy and international network of partners and customers play a leading role in all our endeavours.

Han Brussel

CEO Moreless Group

The experience Han has from his executive and management positions at a.o Getronics and his role at the Moreless Group make him a business generalist. Han is an innovation-driven man who has great knowledge in product development. This knowledge makes that his power and strength strongly lay in the operationalization of ideas. Han sees opportunities, which helps him to be a successful angel investor always closely monitoring new platforms and concepts. Also within his role as board member of the Moreless Group Han closely monitors various projects and activities.

Paul Moreau

CTO/SCO Moreless Group

Paul has held several senior and executive level positions with Getronics, Alphyra, DA Systemen and Pinlinq (now Sepay). Paul’s collaboration with Han Brussel dates back to that period. Paul went on to delve deeper into a number of specific market segments related to payment solutions. Based on this background and experience, the market hails him as a highly regarded expert in the field.
His principal focal points and practice fields were Life Cycle Management, Business & Product Development, interim Manager and Consultant with companies for support and advice in building new products, services en organisational structures. The next step was a specialisation in the field of security, and he fulfilled top positions as Security Officer & Consultant.
Paul is currently responsible for Business & Product Development at Payplaza.